About Simon

Simon Reed lives in Penzance, Cornwall where he is a leading campaigner for Cornish culture. He has been a central and key figure in the revival of traditional Cornish customs and festivals in the Penwith region, notably the hugely successful Montol festival – the Cornish celebration of Midwinter in Penzance and the May Horns festival which has been re-established as annual event. He is also the organiser of other smaller cultural events on a regular basis.

Re-starting his art practice in 2016 he concentrates on images of the otherworldly either through landscapes or “expressionist” portraiture. He also produces sculpture using the famous Cornish stone Serpentine.

Simon also served in West Cornwall as a Town and District Councillor for over 13 years. He was Deputy Mayor of Penzance in 2002 and was Town Mayor twice 2003-2005.